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Okidata Oki-j / GE Part Numbers

The only source on the Internet for GE (General Electric) to
Okidata Printer Model Number Conversions
Oki-J/GE Number Volts Okidata Product Comments Recommended Oki Replacement Click for more info
 ge5256d  120V  ml184 turbo  

NOTE: This information was provided by Oki Data Corporation. For more information, please contact Okidata at 1-800-OKIDATA as this is the extent of the information we have on this conversion of Oki J and GE model numbers and part numbers.

For detailed product information, pictures, and pricing of the recommended replacement, click on "more info", above.

220 volt printers: We can sell most of the 220 volt Okidata printers although they are not listed on this web site. To purchase any 220 volt Oki printer, call or write for ordering instructions. See "Contact Information" on the menu to the left.

For Dot Matrix User Manuals and Okidata printer drivers, click here.

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