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PrinterMalls is your Printer, Toner, and Ink SuperStore.

Printers are a key component of your home or business. The right printer lets you create hard copies of things such as letters to copies of bills to faxing important documents to family or business contacts. Here, you will be able to find printers, toner, drums, and accessories from Oki, Lexmark, Xerox, Dell, Konica-Minolta, Canon, Brother, Epson, as well as others. You'll be able to print high volume at ease.

High Volume Printing

Depending upon your printing needs at your home or office, you may want a printer to quickly deliver 55 pages per minute or more. At that speed, even huge print job become short and easy. To make your job even easier, select a printer that sorts, collates, folds, and staples your printouts.

Printing Across a Network

Most printers today allow printing across your home or business network. If network printing is important to you, look for a printer model number than ends with an "N". For instance the Oki C711dn has an "N" on the end of it's model number therefore it has a built-in network interface and thus is sharable on your network. Sharing a network printer is a great way to save on printer toner and other consumable costs as you can effectively spread the cost out over multiple users on your home or business network.

Duplex Printing

To duplex print means to automatically print on both sides of the paper without having to manually turn the paper over between pages.  You simply print your document and the printer will print on the first side then turn the paper over and print the remainder of the document on the reverse side.  This feature is a great way to save on paper and make you documents look professional as well.  Most printers have a "D" in the model number that denotes duplex printing. For example, the Oki C711dn from the above example is a duplex printer with networking also.

Black or Color Printer

Color printer prices have fallen to the point that in many cases it's about as cheap to buy a color printer for home or business. As you probably know, inkjet printing can be very expensive due to the cost of replacement ink cartridges. Color laser toner is much cheaper and is the current trend when buying color printers. For those with lots of printing to do, black laser printers are a great choice for saving a lot of money and time.

Tabloid Printing

For those wishing to print on over size, 11 x 17 paper for posters, banners, etc, tabloid printers are king. Just about all manufacturers offer tabloid printer but most are color tabloid that can be told to print in black only if necessary.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

Our Quick Toner Finder will allow you to quickly and easily find ink, toner, and many image drums for most printers available today. To use, select the printer manufacturer then select your model number. The numbers beside each entry is how many types of cartridges we have for that model. Another way to find your ink or toner cartridge easily is to just put your make and model in our search window and press search.
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