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Oki Printers and toner by Okidata |

Printermalls offers Oki laser printer prices that can not be matched. We also lease Oki printers at tremendous savings. Oki Data manufacturers some of the best laser printers, also called LED printers, LED printing, or page printers. We offer their broad line of printer products from Okidata dot matrix printers to LED / laser printers of all types.  CompuDirect sells most of Oki's printers here on our store.

For example, we offer Oki's digital LED color printers, mono LED printers and laser printers and multifunction printers (MFP) products in color and mono for scanning, copying, and faxing your documents, thermal label printers, point of sale (POS) printers, and Okidata dot matrix printers.

We started selling Okidata printers and OEM toner (Okidata printer cartridges), image drums, fusers, etc, in the late 90's and Okidata is still one of our best selling printer products. We are the only online reseller that offers free parts manuals and repair parts to anyone, not just service centers and technicians.

What makes Okidata different than other printer companies you ask?  Several things make Oki different. For instance, Okidata makes the world's best dot matrix printers. The Okidata dot matrix printers have been manufactured since at least the 1980's in essentially the same way that they are made today.  They are a proven printer technology that lasts a long time and their printers are easy to repair when something does wear out.

We Sell NEW Okidata Printer Products Only - Why buy Okidata refurbished printers when you can get new okidata dotmatrix, LED, or laser printer for about the same price?  Will your boss appreciate the $1 saved when that refurb printer breaks?
Printer Service:  We offer printer service on Okidata printers. See this link for more information on how we can save you money on your Oki printer repairs.
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