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Government, Educational and Military Sales

Nonprofit 501C3 Organizations  - Please See Note, Below

Does PrinterMalls accept purchase orders from Government / Educational Institutions?  Yes, absolutely and we make it quite easy to do so.

Your savings continue after the sale of the printer.  We sell the consumables and accessories for these printers at about 33 percent off of list prices!  Our toner prices are roughly what you would pay for clone, refilled toner and it's genuine, new product!  There are no additional government/educational discounts for consumables but quite frankly, no one on the planet beats our prices.

There are certain guidelines that we require but they are easy.  For instance, we grant Net10 Terms to Government and Educational Institutions, which means we need to receive payment within 10 days of the purchase date. If your agency has to have other specific terms, contact us - we may be able to work with your requirements.  We normally do NOT hold the shipment of the printer - in stock items usually ship the day the order is placed and should arrive at your location in approximately 3 to 5 days to most places in the Lower 48 - many times in 1 or 2 days!  To qualify for the discount, you must (1) Order the items on our site or via phone then (2) fax a copy of the purchase order to us on government/school letterhead or other easily identified form and the printer must be shipped to a government/school address.  Your Government/Educational status will be verified, then your order processed. Again, you must order the items on our store or via phone so that you will get an invoice as we do not mail a hard copy invoice - you get it immediately upon order completion.

We have made the ordering process as easy as possible.   Just order the item(s) on the website.  At checkout, choose 'Purchase Order' as the payment method and print a copy of the resulting invoice. Then fax a copy of your purchase order to us at (843)-293-2232.  That's it.  Your item(s) will ship that day if we receive the order by 12 p.m. EST (normal business days) or the next business day if after 12 p.m. You can also phone your order in to us if you wish. [contacts]

If you'd rather order the item via telephone, that's no problem.  Call us at (877)-795-7746 and ask for Government Sales. You will need a valid Gov/Ed e-mail address so you can get your invoice and tracking information.

Note to Military Purchasers:We know your procedures and can handle your order very fast!

Note to nonprofit organizations:  This discount is available to certain nonprofit IRS 501C3 organizations also.  We will need you to fax us a copy of your 501C3 authorization form to (843)-293-2232 then just place your order online as normal, selecting 'Purchase Order' as the payment type.  Please contact us at if you have any problems.

We hope you like our prices and appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.  If you have any questions please let us know at .

NOTE: We are strict about these authorizations - we have to be or we will loose a significant amount of money. The manufacturer will not repay us unless we can absolutely prove your authorization. If you are not authorized for these special prices you will not be approved and your order will not be processed so please don't even try it. Unauthorized customers will just get frustrated if they do.

Authorization Chart:

Governmentblank   Educationalblank
  • Local, State and Federal Entities
  • IRS 501C3 Nonprofit Organizations
  • Local and State higher education institutions that grant 2 year and 4 year degrees
  • K-12 School Districts
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