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Okidata Depot Printer Repairs

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CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is an Authorized Okidata Printer Service Center and offers the industry's best price for Okidata dot matrix printer repairs.

No matter if you have one printer or thousands, we have the facilities, personnel, and experience to get your printer(s) repaired and returned quickly.


Models Labor Shipping Parts

Okidata ML184 Turbo
Okidata ML186
Okidata ML320
Okidata ML320 Turbo
Okidata ML321
Okidata ML321 Turbo
Okidata ML390 Turbo
Okidata ML391 Turbo
Okidata ML420
Okidata ML490
Okidata ML520
Okidata ML521
Okidata ML590
Okidata ML591

$80 Flat Rate Customer Ships
to us and is
billed for
return shipping
Priced as on our site.
Pacemark 3410
Okidata ML395
$160 Flat Rate Customer Ships
to us and is
billed for
return shipping
Priced as on our site.
Pacemark 4410 $240 Flat Rate Customer Ships
to us and is
billed for
return shipping
Priced as on our site.

Note that labor is a flat rate charge - NOT per hour!


All printers are completely dismantled, cleaned, repaired, adjusted, and lubricated to factory specifications.

Time to Repair:

Printers are generally repaired and shipped out in 72 hours unless special order parts are required. If special/high value parts are required we will contact you for approval before completing repairs.


Individuals will need to provide a credit card number upon completion of repairs. Businesses are given the opportunity to submit a credit application and be placed on Net10 Terms.


To get your printer(s) repaired, you will need to get an SRA number from us.

Send an e-mail with your printer model (ML184, etc) and serial numbers to to get that SRA number. After you receive your SRA number, ship your printer using the shipping information provided with the SRA number. Using unapproved packaging for your printer can result in costly damage to your printer during shipping. Please use the original box and foam cushions. Lost your original box? Click HERE for genuine okidata replacement packaging.

Make sure you put this SRA number on the outside of the box because any shipment we receive without this number on the outside of the box will be refused.

Your printer(s) will be repaired and shipped back to you using UPS. Customers that are not on Terms will have their credit card charged for the repair, any parts, and the return UPS shipping. Customers on Terms will be billed for these items.

If you have questions about this process, contact us.

Do you repair LED Laser Printers? Only the B4000 series, because the larger printers are heavy and highly susceptible to damage in transit and the older printers have limited parts availability. We recommend that you find a local Oki repair center or contact Oki Data for assistance with those types of printers.

Would you rather work on your own printer?

No problem, we can help. We provide the service manual to our customers for free and our parts are discounted to save you even more.

Service Manual Downloads
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