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General Electric (GE) to Okidata Printer Conversion Table

Use this GE to Oki conversion table to find out what Okidata dot matrix printer and/or color laser printer is appropriate to replace your GE printer. All "n" series GE printers listed here are Okidata color printers. Click on the printer model for more information.
GE Model GE Model GE Model

GE 5250b

GE 5254b

GE 8251p

GE 5250e

GE 5256d

GE 8253a

GE 5250m

GE 5256f

GE 8261b

GE 5250u

GE 5261b

GE 8262b

GE 5250w

GE 7000a

GE n31030a

GE 5251b

GE 7100a

GE n31031a

GE 5251p

GE 8250b

GE n31060a

GE 5253a

GE 8250m

GE n31061a

GE 5254a

GE 8251b

GE n31090a

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