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Panaboard Complete Packages

The Panasonic Panaboard, also called a smartboard, is a truly revolutionary tool that redefines many conventional ideas about meetings and presentations. It eliminates the need for participants to busily jot down notes on information written onto ordinary whiteboards or chalkboards.

Interactive Panaboards
For the ever-changing business envirnoment, Interactive Panaboards offer a cost effective and real-time global teleconference solution. In today's fast-paced business environment, interactive whiteboards provide a cost effective and real-time global teleconferencing advantage. With the ability for up to 3 users to simultaneously use the board, interactive whiteboards offer all the collaborative options to keep your ideas and information flowing.

Plain Paper Panaboards
Increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by providing clear notes to all meeting attendees. Get more out of your meetings while keeping everyone on the same page with Panasonic's electronic copyboards. Make notes and when you need it, just use the included eraser to make changes. Then print out your notes with the built-in printer or save them on an SD card for later viewing. Add optional PC interface software and print your PC data on the printer as well. Up to continuous 4-screen capability make plain paper Panaboards a feature-rich, high-economy business tool.
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