IBM Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS)

The Intelligent Printer Data Stream Reference describes the function and composition of elements sent to printers that support the Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) architecture.

The IPDS architecture provides a host-to-printer interface intended to be used by programs requiring direct control over printers. In many environments, IBM licensed programs already provide interfaces that generate IPDS commands, and these interfaces should be used.

A data stream is a continuous ordered stream of data elements and objects conforming to a given format. Application programs can generate data streams destined for a presentation service, archive library, presentation device or another application program.

The MO:DCA architecture defines the data stream used by applications to describe documents and object envelopes for interchange with other applications and application services.

Documents defined in the MO:DCA format may be archived in a database, then later retrieved, viewed, annotated and printed in local or distributed systems environments. Presentation fidelity is accommodated by including resource objects in the documents that reference them.

The IPDS architecture defines the data stream used by print server programs and device drivers to manage all-points-addressable page printing on a full spectrum of devices from low-end workstation and local area network-attached (LAN-attached) printers to high-speed, high-volume page printers for production jobs, shared printing, and mailroom applications. The same object content architectures carried in a MO:DCA data stream can be carried in an IPDS data stream to be interpreted and presented by microcode executing in printer hardware. The IPDS architecture defines bidirectional command protocols for query, resource management, and error recovery. The IPDS architecture also provides interfaces for document finishing operations provided by pre-processing and post-processing devices attached to IPDS printers.

Printronix printers requiring Infoprint compatibility may require the IPDS option.

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