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Xerox Black Toner for HP LaserJet 3500 3550 3700 Q2670A 6R1289
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UPC: 095205612899


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Xerox Black Replacement Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet 3500/3550/3700 (Q2670A) - 6R1289

Xerox Black Replacement Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet 3500, HP LaserJet 3550, and HP LaserJet 3700 (Q2670A)

This Xerox printer cartridge is a direct replacement for HP print cartridges. Print quality, reliability, and yield equal to or exceeding HP Toner Cartridge and at a price that you can afford.

Xerox Cartridges for HP Printers and Brother Printers

Made in the USA with an unconditional, 100% lifetime warranty, Xerox replacement cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers offer the exceptional performance you would expect from the company that invented toner. Xerox cartridges are a high-value alternative, priced 25% to 35% less than HP and Brother toner cartridges.

Lifetime Warranty

Xerox offers an unconditional, 100% lifetime guarantee on Xerox replacement cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers for as long as the Xerox cartridge has toner in it. This is the only lifetime warranty in the industry; most other manufacturers offer only a one-year warranty. That’s how confident we are in the performance and reliability of Xerox cartridges for HP and Brother printers.

Xerox wants to offer you the best alternative to higher-priced cartridges, without compromising performance and reliability. That’s why their manufacturing process uses the same ISO testing that the original HP and Brother toner cartridges do. Testing ensures their cartridges’ print yields and densities are benchmark to the originals. Roughly half of the Xerox cartridge portfolio has higher yields than the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Our lifetime warranty will even cover printer repair in the unlikely event the cartridge causes damage. With an unconditional lifetime guarantee, you can be confident you’re making the best choice when you purchase Xerox toner cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers. Using Xerox replacement cartridges will not void the HP or Brother printer warranty.

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