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Xerox Printer Fuser Units

What is a printer fuser?

After the paper has been processed and has toner on it, the printer sends the paper through the printer fusing unit (fuser). The fuser 'fuses' or 'melts' the toner into the fibers of the paper making the toner permanently bind to the paper. The fuser does this by passing the paper very quickly through two extremely hot rollers. The paper then quickly leaves the fuser and flows out of the printer into the output tray.

The paper does not burn up because of the speed at which the paper moves through the fuser.
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Product Name 
Xerox Docuprint N2025 110V Maintenance Kit 109R00481

 $339.57  Qty:    
Xerox Docuprint N4525 110V Maintenance Kit 109R00048

 $615.23  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 1235 110V Fuser 016-2033-00

 $144.94  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 2135 110V Fuser 016-1925-01

 $231.00  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 4400 110V Maintenance Kit 108R00497

 $332.77  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 4500 110V Maintenance Kit 108R00600

 $317.05  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 4510 110V Maintenance Kit 108R00717

 $305.18  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 5400 110V Maintenance Kit 109R00521

 $332.92  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 5500 5550 110V Maintenance Kit 109R00731

 $531.78  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 560 110V Fuser Fuser Roll 016-1534-00

 $244.61  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 560 Fuser Roll 016-1556-00

 $96.78  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 6200 110V Fuser 016-2014-00

 $251.92  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 6250 110V Fuser 115R00029

 $247.33  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 6300 6350 110V Fuser 115R00035

 $179.13  Qty:    
Xerox Phaser 6360 110 Volt Fuser 115R00055

 $170.16  Qty:    
Displaying 1 to 15 (of 28 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
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