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Environmental Benefits of Solid Ink Printing


The Xerox solid ink imaging process is the most environmentally friendly way to put an image on paper.
  • Safe and clean ink sticks.
  • Great print quality on recycled paper.
  • Recycle ready.
  • Fewer replaceable units. Less to throw away.
  • Energy star models available.
How it Works.
Solid ink images are printed onto a rotating drum and offset onto paper in just one pass of the print engine. This Xerox-exclusive imaging process results in nearly 100% ink-to-page transfer efficiency during normal printing.

In comparison, conventional laser printers' toner-to-page transfer efficiency is much less, resulting in residual toner and developer accumulation that requires the device to purge the excess material to a waste collection container after every print.
Goodbye Messy Toner.
Resin-based solid ink sticks are completely safe and clean, and contain no solvents. Unlike toners, they cannot spill, leak or smudge on your clothes.

No bulky print cartridges.
Here comes something leaner. Because solid ink sticks are smaller than those cumbersome print cartridges, they're easy to store. And there's less packaging to recycle.

Recycle ready.
You'll be happy to know that you can recycle solid ink printouts just like the output from laser printers or office copiers.

And because solid ink prints the same vivid color on any paper, you can use recycled paper for all your printing. You don't need expensive, super-white paper to get superb image quality.
solid ink
Fewer replaceable units. Less to throw away. Think you're done with a consumable when it needs to be replaced? Not with laser / LED devices. When a laser printer runs out of toner, you are still left with big, bulky print cartridges that need to be disposed. Not to mention other items such as fusers, fuser oil and imaging units.

Solid ink printers, on the other hand, utilize compact solid ink sticks with no casings. So when you run out of ink, there's nothing left to throw away.

The only other replaceable unit is a maintenance roller. This lasts for tens of thousands of pages, so it only needs to be replaced a few times in the life of the printer.

The bottom line? For every 100,000 printed pages, a solid ink printer generates approximately 5 lbs. of waste, compared to approximately 157 lbs. for a typical color laser.
laser versus led
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