Panasonic Interactive Panaboard with RM Easiteach for Windows (UB-8325ET)
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Panasonic Interactive Panaboard with RM Easiteach for Windows (UB-8325ET)
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Panasonic Interactive Panaboard with RM Easiteach for Windows (UB-8325ET)

Manufacturer Part #: UB-8325ET

UB-8325ET Panaboard  (UB8325 Whiteboard)

  • RM Easiteach Software for Windows
  • 62.1" Diagonal
  • Letter Size Plain Paper Printing
  • Supports Dry Erase & Electronic Pen Writing Instuments
  • Two Panel Surfaces
  • RM Easiteach Software if for Windows only in this model
  • Includes: UB-8325 + 1 x UE1RMET-NG (not available separately)

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Interactive Panaboard with RM Easiteach Software

Interactive Electronic White Board w/RM Easiteach for Windows
Includes all of the features of the UB-8325 and a single user version of RM Easiteach software for Windows operating systems. RM Easiteach v3.4 comes with four subject specific toolbars: Math, Science, English Language Arts and Geography. Allows installation on up to 2 computers, one intended for the classroom, the other intended for the teacher's home computer. Includes: UB-8325 + 1 x UE1RMET-NG (not available separately). Easiteach software is for Windows only in this model.

Interactive Electronic Whiteboard with USB interface; 1716 Square inch copy area, 2 non-glare projector panels, 2 electronic pens, 4 electronic pen markers, 1 electronic eraser, and other accessories.

White-"bored"? We've got just the solution. Panasonic's UB-8325 Interactive Panaboard will energize your meetings, keeping your audience focused and your ideas flowing. Complete with an abundance of interactive technological advancements, the benefits of the UB-8325 are without bounds.

Project your growth
Save written and projected notes from the board directly into your PC. Remote PC operations lets you control your Windows applications from your host PC.

Point to innovation
Easy-to-install utility software includes an electronic pen used in the same way as a computer mouse. Pen strokes can be recorded, captured, saved and replayed on top of PC applications.

Access your audience
Experience our real time global teleconference solution using the Microsoft NetMeeting software platform. Draw ideas from all of your resources around the world simultaneously.

The All-In-One Interactive Solution
The UB-8325 offers unique functionality to meet your needs. It gives you all the capabilities of a traditional electronic white board, but also gives you the ability to interact with information in real time, right on the board, and even on the board displaying a projected image. It's an ideal companion with PowerPoint presentations.

Panaboard Mode
Increase efficiency and reduce meeting time by simply writing on the board and printing out the information for easy distribution.

Whiteboard Mode
Distribute consistent information by using the power of your PC to save meeting notes and then send the information electronically via email or to a printer.

Projector Mode
Interact with projected images while controlling Windows applications directly from the board for convenient and practical analysis.

RM Easiteach Software
Create interactive lessons throughout the curriculum with the ability to draw, edit text, change color, enlarge, rotate, cut, copy, paste, animate, and much more! RM Easiteach includes over 2,000 images, sound & Flash files, database & spreadcheet tools, RM Easiteach Sample Starter Curriculum tools & Starter Content pack.

  • Interactive Panaboard - The All-In-One Interactive Print Board Solution. Functions as an Interactive Board, an Electronic Whiteboard, a projector screen and an Electronic Print Board with plain paper output.
  • Teleconferencing - When used in conjunction with Microsoft NetMeeting, provides a cost-effective real-time teleconferencing solution so everyone can attend a meeting, whether thay attend on-site or remotely.
  • Remote PC Operation - Control you applications for Windows right from the Panaboard using the included Electronic Pens like a computer 'mouse'.
  • Colorful Electronic Pens - Track meeting notes and important words to emphasize critical issues in color.
  • High Quality Projector Screen - The screen displays crisp data and video images with minimal light reflection.
  • Capture Images - Save meeting notes to computer files for archiving and distribution.
  • Built-in Printer - Allows for materials to be distributed to the audience in seconds.
  • RM Easiteach Software
    • - Award winning lesson creation software
    • - State-aligned, subject specific sample content included
    • - Create visual and animated models to demonstrate concepts and processes
    • - Share your lessons and download lessons for FREE.
  • Warranty: 120 days

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